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What we do

Motion Graphics  •  3D Animation  •  Directing  •  Concept Development   •   Brand Identity

 Art Direction  •  Editing  •  On-Set Supervision  •  Visual Effects & Compositing  •  Editing

                                               Lets Rumble.



DavidO, Inc. is a group of fluid flexible partners that are ready to create:

strategy, ideation, writing, design, direction, editorial and animation.

We strive for the best ways to collaborate on your video project. With years of experience at the biggest post and design houses in the industry, David Oberdoester and team have built a new experience from the ground up.  We work with you, in ways that work for you. Experience what true partnering looks like.  Oh, and have fun again.


David Oberdoester


Lover of void industrial spaces.  Explorer of natural wonders.  Oh and...

Damn good storyteller.

For the past 20 years I've been telling stories for agencies from NYC to Philly. I've been lucky enough to spend my years doing what I love as an editor, animator, creative director and actual director.  Here at DavidO, we never forget that every story has a point.  In this world that means the strategy.  Everything I do for our clients keeps that fact front and center. With that in place we're not afraid to get scrappy.


Seddie Stone II


Seddie is an Emmy award winning designer/ animator bringing years of experience to DavidO Inc. From sports graphics, network packages to well-executed strategic mograph, Seddie brings his amazing artistic toolset and abilities to any project.

We were going to give him the title of Minister of Positive Vibrations but... art director he brings his immutable enthusiasm and positivity that makes the entire creative process a joy for our clients- plus it's easier to fit on a business card.

There when you need us. Ninja when you don't.

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